PowerHouse’s Top 10 Conference Tips.

Managing a conference is no small feat, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to deliver truly world class conference management in London. Here are some of our best tips for ensuring your convention runs as smoothly as possible!

  1. Determine the Event objectives:

Clarify these early so they are woven into everything you do from the initial stages of planning your conference.

  1. Choose the right destination and venue:

Taking into consideration your event objectives, choose a venue that will assist in the achievement of these. Think about your attendees travel arrangements and demographic ensuring the location creates the atmosphere you wanted.

  1. Schedule Regular breaks throughout the day:

Regular breaks are known to enhance productivity and networking. Delegates need time for moments with colleagues, networking with vendors or to check in at the office.

  1. Make Registration easy:

Use an integrated registration system that collates all information needed from delegates such as accommodation, dietary information, and scheduling. This then results in a stress free registration for delegates and is one less thing for organisers to worry about. PowerHouse has their own registration system in-house, please ask for more details!

  1. FUN:

Schedule lots of time for interactive activities to keep delegates alert and ensure they are taking advantage of networking opportunities; Avoid lengthy presentations after lunch, people are less likely to take information in. Remember it’s the little things that become the most memorable.

  1. Competitions and Feel good communication:

Its human nature to be competitive and little challenges throughout the conference will keep people interested boosting the achievement your educational objectives and will increase the overall sense of moral. Making people feel good will ensure a memorable experience, so maybe try out new technology that allows you to send individuals messages, personal schedules or even jokes throughout the conference.

  1. Feedback:

Feedback is extremely important in the achievement of your objectives and improving your conference for the next year. Provide platforms for this throughout the conference so issues can be resolved or discussed at the time.

  1. Get Technical!

The world is developing at a record pace and we don’t want to be left behind. With lots of unique communication tools breaking into the conference industry it would be rude not to take advantage of them. Through the use of bespoke APPs and communication software ‘Death by PowerPoint’ will be a thing of the past.

  1. Stay Focused on your customers:

It is very easy to get caught up in logistical issues, but these can be easily managed by a third party agency (Like PowerHouse!). You need to be available to your customers and ensure you are seen as much as possible; after all it is your conference!

  1. Secure a great Speaker:

This can be the key attraction in attending a conference. An engaging speaker can set the tone for the whole event and energize your audience.